Apply Now to Judson - Judson University Christian College

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Apply Now to Judson University

Traditional Undergraduate Program

First time students and transfer students can learn more about the application process on the undergraduate admissions How to Apply page. Additional helpful information is also available for international students, home school students, transfer students, and veterans.

How to Apply

Adult Professional Program

How to Apply

Graduate Programs

Application requirements and procedures for our graduate programs vary by master or doctorate degree. To apply, please select your program of interest on our graduate programs page and look for the apply now link, application, or admission procedures page.

Online Programs

Judson offers a variety of partial and fully online degree programs. There is no separate application and interested individuals can simply apply like normal through their program of interest.

RISE Program

To apply to the Judson RISE Program, please visit the RISE Program page and click on the "Apply Now" link.

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