Judson University, a Four Year Christian College in Elgin near Chicago. The Church at Work in Higher Education.

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  • Faculty Positions

    Open full-time tenure track faculty positions are listed below:

  • Pro-Rata Faculty Positions

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  • Pro-Rata (Half-Time) Position, Psychology Faculty
    Pro-Rata (Half-Time) Position, Psychology Faculty

    The Psychology Department at Judson University seeks applications and nominations of distinctive candidates for a faculty appointment in psychology. With more than 80 students, psychology is one of the larger majors on campus. This is a one-year, pro-rata/half-time position beginning in August 2018. 

  • Adjunct Faculty Positions

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  • Staff Positions

    Staff position openings are listed below. Click on the link to learn more or apply.

  • Application Forms

  • Equal Employment Opportunity

    Judson University has an established policy of equal academic and employment opportunity. This policy is applied to all qualified students, employees and applicants for admission or employment, in all University programs and activities, without unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability or military or veteran status.

Judson University, Shaping Lives that Shape the World